For Pre-Fall 2019, we revert to the era of prosperity and liberty – an era where women weren’t afraid to express their individuality to the world through the clothes they wore. Clothes that were mid-way masculine and feminine with no predetermined style which were interpreted in the designs of IRADA. 

Applying methods from the 80s, we selected suits and jackets with waist fitting technique and a shorter flap to illustrate energy. Sleek dress, mini-skirts with layers and unique styled collars to epitomize femininity. Furthermore, we implement and adjust denim structure and cutting, which is a staple in 90s clothing, to different types of fabric for a distinct feeling. Classic tones were chosen and matched with new tones, such as blue and green, for a color pop effect. Last but not least, smooth and flowy texture of satin fabric and light-reflecting metallic fabrics were embraced to symbolize modern IRADA women.