Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Please tell us what you’ve been up to lately.

At the moment you might see me quite often in soap operas, such as Likit Rak and Duang Jai Nai Fai Nhao. It’s my intention to focus on acting in soap operas this year.

In the past we’ve always known you as a model, how did your modeling career start?

Back then I knew some friends and some photographers who introduced me to P’Nat Prakorbsantisook. P’Nat casted me for my first photoshoot. It was during ELLE Fashion Week 2001. They were looking for a new model, so I modeled for that issue of ELLE Fashion Week magazine.

What was the changing point from being a model to an actress?

Nothing dramatic. I’ve been in the modeling industry long enough to the point where people recognize me as a model. I wanted to try something else, wanted to work on something else. So I decided to challenge myself and try acting in soap operas.

What is your true character?

I’m actually a very funny person. I like to surround myself with funny people that can always make me laugh.

Which project did you find most similar to your real self?

I’ve always enjoyed acting since I was young. I liked to watch soap operas and reenact. I liked it but never thought I would pursue it as a career. When I was younger, I studied Engineering at Chulalongkorn University but when I had the opportunity to become a model and an actress, it reignited my childhood interests. When I got into it, it made me really happy and that’s when I found out that that was me.

Both of your roles are exposed to comments and criticisms, how do you deal with these criticisms?

I’m quite extreme. If I feel like I wouldn’t be able to handle it, I wouldn’t read it. I chose to read these comments once and I felt really bad about it. I try not to read these comments but if they are constructive criticisms, I take them and try to improve myself.

What is your inspiration to work?

This career started off as something I liked, so when I had the opportunity to work in the industry, passion was already there. I don’t need anything to push or inspire me to work. I am my own inspiration. I drive myself.

How do you view your future?

I want to act until I’m old.

Do you see yourself doing something else?

I want to open a restaurant. I’m a foodie, I like finding new places to eat. It’s another dream of mine to get into the F&B industry.

How would you describe an empowering woman?

Women who can excel at things as good as, or better than men regardless of position, career or industry.

Do you have anything you would like to say or share as a woman?

The society nowadays emphasizes on the importance of beauty, it’s easy to find and easy to access. When you look at girls, they’re all pretty but I feel like beauty goes hand in hand with time. It comes and goes. I feel like as a woman I want to be more powerful, be more of myself. I think the fundamental aspect that’s more important than beauty is education. I don’t want people to focus on external beauty only, I want people to look at the inside because education is the only thing that can change people.