The Art of Travelling

Travelling to see the world I’ve never seen before, taste the food I’ve never tried and meet the people I’ve never known; that’s the whole purpose of my journey.

For some people planning places to go, restaurants to eat, attractions to see might be the sole purpose of their journey but as for me letting myself be spontaneous, absorbing the life of the locals along the way is what I enjoy the most. Spending time taking in every corner of the city, rushing to catch the next train, enjoying some good food along the way and chatting away the night with strangers. Can one ask for more?

Unexpected directions can lead us to a place where we never imagined and end up being the place we want to be. Getting lost is the only way to discover yourself. The new experience, being inspired by architecture and lights of the city, these are some of the things that complete my inner self as if I have found myself once again.

Every trip I would spare my time to visit art museums – a place where I can unleash my creative juices – it almost feels like osmosis. Being around art and in the company of creative people boosts my creativity. This is literally the heart of matter – once you open up to the world of art it will

transform you as a human being.  Art also teaches us that we art part of something much larger than ourselves. When an artistic block hits, I find it most important to surround myself with a crowd of passionate people who share the same interest as me rather than allowing myself to drown in my own thoughts and force myself to work in a box.

At last, I believe the art of travelling is not the destination but rather the things we encounter, people we come across, the unexpected discoveries we make along the way because if not, travelling would mean nothing but merely moving from a place to place without appreciation of the beauty that surrounds you.

Sina Wittayawiroj