The 'Andromeda in Catena'

1 What are you doing?

We are Antonio and Edoardo, we’ve been living in Milan for two years. we studied sound engineering and now we are getting into sound design and sound for media. Further to this we do our art project called AIC – Andromeda in Catena

2 Let’s back from the beginning ?

We’ve been friends forever, we came from the same hometown (Portogruaro), a small village close to Venice. By sharing  ideas and projects we’ve decided to work together.

3 Is there a special concept behind your sound?

Honestly, There’s no meaning more than the music gives something back to us, Even if we feel a strong connection with our identity and the music.

4 How is your personality related with the band?

We are moving forward, we know that we have the good vibes, and this makes us to work harder and improve everyday.

5 How’s different living in Milan, where is a fashion and an art city, than your hometown?

There are lots of opportunity in Milan, the city where we found our first job satisfactions. Then, set on a course of continued dialogue with the local realities, we find important aspects for our artistic growth.

6 What’s the very new thing in Milan?

Here we find all the innovations about the evolution of art, music, fashion and design. This city is booming, “what’s the very new thing here?” Well, just look around.

7 Which is the most amazing gig?

The most important live performance we’ve ever played was at Finire sulla parte del

Macao(The popular biggest club in Milan), this place is so dear to us. It reflects our artistic attitude mixed with the energy and the freedom we feel here in Milan.

8 How power of youth you are?

Our attitude is work hard everyday in the creative production, searching for

innovative artistic yet technical inspirations. This is fundamental for us, because we always want to know what is happening around us. Music is the way we use to communicate with people, and we want to learn how to reach people mind and soul.

9 Let’s talk about the track you made for us?

To create the sound for IRADA we decided to use gentle sounds with a rapid pace.

10 How’s your track reflect to IRADA’s women?

The concept is translating women routine living in big city into music. The moment in which women get ready to start the working day, making up, getting dressed. It inspired us.