The Identity of Stoondio

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

My name is Toon Chotika Kumwongpin. I work full-time at an agency and I make music under the name ‘STOONDIO’. Sometimes I release music, sometimes I don’t.

The beginning of STOONDIO

The beginning of STOONDIO and the beginning of music making are different. The beginning of making music was when I was a design student, I stayed in a dormitory working on projects assigned by the professor. In general design students like listening to music, so I was listening to a lot of music. And then I picked up the guitar, tried the keyboard, and use them to tell a story. Back then the story was about studying, general stories like teasing a friend, creating a melody for a friend’s story. And I edited music. The beginning of STOONDIO started when I was recognized. I use this name when I provide freelance graphic design services; there was no origin to the name. It began in the year 2012 when I uploaded music in the Bed Room Studio and I was recognized.

Why do you have a serious music career when you also work full-time?

The reason why STOONDIO seems serious is because it is only me. I wrote the music myself, I like writing music more than playing music. I like being on my own, making music in my own space. The reason why it looks serious is because there are song releases all the time. I like writing music. But to me, I think I do it casually.

How do you manage time between a full-time job and music?

My strength is I have great time management. Working in an agency requires precision. STOONDIO wasn’t meant to be serious but it became serious. I have to manage both things well. Both of them are 50% me. Both of them are who I am, not one or the other. I’ve tried doing just one and it bored me. Pursuing both at the same time helps fulfill a gap in both career. Actually both are work relating to communication.

What is your inspiration for making music?

I like to observe people and environment. I like to ask questions and imagine things. When I was studying, I liked science and geography because there are reasons behind them, they’re connected. I feel like human emotions are more than just love and not love, or happy and sad. From the music I hear, I haven’t found any music that tells a detailed story. It’s almost there, but it’s not me. So I like to write in details about the atmosphere and true feelings. Some people listen to my music and feel very sad while some listen to it and feel really happy. That’s because people have different experiences. That’s why I like to write in details.

How have the songs you wrote influence you?

It’s like a version of me telling a story at that point in time. We grow as we age. At different ages, we face different things. I like to look at lyrics, the lyrics depend on the experience I face.

What does music compare to in your life?

Music is like a friend. It’s okay if we don’t eat with our friends, but it’s not okay if we don’t listen to music.

Will STOONDIO become your main career?

If we measure ‘main career’ by income, it is unlikely. My full-time job right now is pretty stable. But if we measure ‘main career’ by my identity, it has long been my main career. It just depends on how we view the phrase ‘main career’.