Proud Oranicha

Hello. I’M Proud Oranicha and I’m 24 years old. I like to dress up and I like to find new outfits to wear. I also like travelling a lot and going to different places, both in Thailand and abroad. Most importantly, I like going to cafes. This passion made me want to start my own page. Now, I have my own page called Part-time Wanderer.

How did Part-time Wanderer started?

It started when I planned to go further my studies in London, and I know that I love travelling and I wanted tell a story. So, I thought starting a page could be a great opportunity for me. I felt that if I actually lived there I would get to see more than if I were just travelling. Starting a page thus became a great idea. Initially I wanted to create a page about lifestyle: fashion, cafés, updated trends, and etc. But as the page continues, now I mainly present cafés, a little bit of travelling and fashion here and there, but mainly cafés.

What is so charming about cafés?

Actually I’ve loved going to cafes since I was in Thailand. I like working in cafes, because I get to see a lot of things in cafes. I get to see other people’s lifestyles. And I love that. Before going, I did some research about cafés in London and made a list of cafés to go to. When I went to London, I visited many cafes and I realized that I like cafés. A café has its own charms, every single café is different. It’s kind of like fast fashion in a way. There are old cafés, and new ones that make the old ones seem dull. I felt like I had to chase these new cafés.

Which cafés are you most impressed with and want to go back to?

Among the cafés in London, my favorite café is Sketch. The café presents itself as having afternoon tea and also dinner. The café is pink throughout, the chair is made from velvet, and the decoration is incredibly cute. The same concept was applied to the employee’s uniform, the plates, and the cups. Besides that room, there are other rooms that are decorated differently. I thought that this café is amazing and I loved it. Another café that I like and is impressed with and I definitely want to go back to is a café called Bar Botanique in Amsterdam. The café is very tropical. When I went there the first time, it was at 9 am,the café just opened and I was the first customer. At 9am, the sun shone through and it made the café so beautiful and I thought that if I had gone back when there were more people, it would have been more vibrant.

Has your perspective of going to cafés changed?

I think it hasn’t changed, but the cafés themselves have changed with time. A café is like fashion in a way that it changes all the time. We have to catch up with the trend today. I feel the happiest and the safest in a café.

Do the cafés in different places represent the lifestyles of locals differently?

Different cafes represent the lifestyles of locals very differently. When I was in London, I first thought that London was a fancy, very high-fashioned, and extravagant place, but it wasn’t. London had its rich group of people, but another part was very simple. It was fast paced, but very simple at the same time. Typical cafes are not overly decorated; they were brown, they had croissants, they didn’t have fancy cakes. I saw a lot of these cafes in London. But if we were to compare these with the ones in Liverpool, the people’s lifestyles were much more laid back and slow paced. People take their dogs out to sunbathe while they have coffee, it was really cute.

Do your sense of fashion and your passion of going to cafés relate?

There are times when I thought that if I’m going to this café, I’ll have to dress a certain way. But mostly, I dress depending on my mood. My sense of fashion is really hard to describe, I can’t really answer to this question. But to conclude it, I have different styles within myself. Some days I want to be very minimal, I’ll dress minimally but with some extra details, like shoes or earrings. Because I feel like it can’t be completely minimal, it just can’t, something has to stand out. Some days I want to go all in, I’ll go all in. Some days I want to dress in shocking pink from head to toe, so it really depends on my mood and tone for each day, where I plan to go later, and whether I want to take pictures in that outfit.

How do you feel about IRADA? Does it match with your lifestyle?

Honestly, IRADA is one of the brands that I wear most often. This is because I feel like some IRADA items really stand out, some are very simple, but I can mix and match everything together. I wear the black and white jacket very often; it looks a bit much, but it can be mixed into so many different styles. It becomes something fun. I travel a lot, therefore I need something comfortable to wear and be able to go places, and IRADA suits this need. I can wear IRADA both to meet adults and go hang out with friends.

If IRADA was a café, how do you think it would look like?

If IRADA was a café, I think there would be a sense of rawness that is not too girly and sweet. I think it would have walls would be made from raw concrete with marble tables and velvet chairs. There’s a sense of rawness with a great attention to details.

From all the cafés you’ve been to, which café do you think is most suitable for IRADA girls?

I think from all the cafés I’ve been to, the Megazine is most suitable for IRADA girls because this café is in a park, the Hyde Park. There’s a white silhouette on the roof of the café. I think the place looks clean, raw, and modern.

Proud Oranicha