Pahparn Sirima

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

The black and white photographs of people walking down the streets somewhere are surprisingly deep and mysterious.The photo of a girl half-walking half-skipping on the walk way. The photo of an old man clingingto a pole barely making a move. The photo of people on the dark streets. And the photo a man standing with somebody who happens to look into the camera lens. All of these are the works of Pahparn Sirima, the female photographerbehind street photos that are to watch out for in this era.

Pahparn Sirima is known for being a teen television show host about ten years ago. Now she has become a street photo photographer who continuouslyexhibits her work both solo and in groups in Thailand and abroad. She is also one of the people who worked behind a street photography competition “Young Street Photography Contest 2017,” a contest to encourage street photography in Thailand.

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Pahparn’s photographs are unique and have a clear identity. It is cold and filled with the texture of the environment. Many photographs look lonely and silent which contradict her personality while being nervous and explaining the reasons for her black and white photography.

For this reason, when we are faced with her photographs, we cannot really imagine the image of the woman behind the view finder. Many times, her photographs are ways of capturing the rhythm of light, shadow, people, and perfect architecture. She placed herself at the right place as if everything was set up and waiting for her camera, but it’s not. It’s her sharp decision of pressing the shutter button. That is the message that Pahparn wants to portray to her audience and that is the aggressiveness that we rarely find in a female photographer

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Today, besides working as the editor of The Jam Mag, she drives herself to go travelling often and continue taking photographs that tell a story and her feelings towards the environment through another form of her identity - using black and white photography with a strong contrast – to represent herself and her thoughts as a woman named Pahparn Sirima.