Talking with Note Panayanggool

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Can you say something about yourself, what you’re doing at the moment, what projects are going on?

I’ve been doing a lot of ceramics. Because my family has a factory in Chiangmai and they want me to take over. So I’ve been studying a lot about ceramics and painting. I’m planning to do my Master’s next year so I’ve just been thinking about the future, sleeping a lot, and hanging out with my dogs.

So you’re going into ceramics?

Ceramics and painting.

You haven’t come out with a single with a record label in a while. What’s the reason behind that? Was it any intentional change or was it organic?

It’s because I don’t like being under a label and having someone tell me what to wear or what to do or what kind of music to make. So I produce my own stuff and release it under my own label and just be my own boss.

And you feel so much better.

Yes, because I’m myself.

How did you go from pop to electronic?

I was never a pop-ish kind of girl, but because of work and a lot of things that I got myself into, it kind of made me have to do that because I was under a contract as well. Yeah, so I had to do it. I had to go with the flow. So when the contract was over, I began to do my own thing and gone into electronic music and was just very into it.

So you’ve started to gain popularity from different crowds of people, did the change affect your fame?

Well, I’m not like a pop icon anymore, I don’t think so. Because my music is not pop and the things that I do aren’t easy to understand. I still have people in the mass community but I feel like I have fan base in other departments such as art, music, or design.

Do you think electronic is something that has always been deep inside of you since you were doing pop?

I think so because the sound always attracts me and electronic music you can do it on your own. You don’t need a band to deal with you, I can be my own drummer with a machine, I can be my own guitarist, keyboardist. Just having these machines, I can play

them all by myself and sing.

When did you think you were brave enough to say to yourself ‘I don’t want to do this anymore, I want to do what my heart tells me’? How long did it take you to find yourself?

Well, I’ve always knew what I want and what I want to be, but it was the contract, the label, and the boundaries that made me not be able to do it. So I waited until the contract was over and I just did my own things.

What means do you use to express or enhance your identity?

Umm, I just really respect my own feelings and thoughts. I really trust my own instincts. If I feel like I don’t wanna do anything today, I would just lie in bed and watch TV, listen to music, read a book. I wouldn’t push myself to go outside to go work or meet people. I really follow my feelings.

So, you really trust your guts.


How much do you separate your work life from the rest of your life?

Before, I couldn’t do it. I worked all the time and I enjoyed it. I was a workaholic. I wouldwork all the time like literally. I didn’t have free time to watch series. When I’m on myself, I would just work. Last month I started being more stressed and I didn’t know why. I started reading this book and it was like you have to know your value and what you want in life. I was like, “hmm, what do I want in life? What’s the most important thing to me?” and realized it was my family. So I’ve been travelling back to Chiangmai a lot and spending time with them and not working so much. So I just hang out with my family.

Do you think moving to Bangkok has changed you?

Umm-hmm. I’m such a workaholic. I can’t separate work from fun because I love working so much.

Do you ever think that one day you’ll move back to Chiangmai?

Yes, soon, I think.

If you weren’t famous, what is one thing you would be doing?

Art and painting definitely.

Do you make paintings still?


Any expectations?

Not yet, but maybe when I’m ready.

Do you often turn your hobbies into a career?

Yes, all the time. Actually that’s always how my career starts. Hobby first then career.

Did it change from when it was a hobby and when it was a career? Does it make you love it less?

Well, yeah, a little because it’s work. You got to make it good and you got this responsibility and expectation that you need to meet and it’s more stressful. And sometimes I think it’s work and I don’t want to do it.

What’s your attitude towards life?


How much has your present changed from your past? Is it something that just happened or is it part that has changed you?

Well, I believe that everything happens for a reason so even if it’s bad, I try to find something good in it. Oh it made me stronger, it made me smarter or something like that?

Do you have a pivot point in your life?

Of course. Because I started working when I was 17, my teenage years were kind of lost. Instead of having free time to go meet friends, I had to go to work. I had to wake up early, I had to go to school and work at the same time. It was so stressful.

Could you tell us one important point in your life that was so special to you?

At the beginning when I became popular, I didn’t like it so much because I really respect my own space. I feel like when I’m popular I can’t really go out so much anymore. People would recognize me. I couldn’t do things that I could freely do before. I became this person who didn’t want to leave the house. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Then one day I went to BACC at night just to hang out and I met this group of kids from Pattani and they were so happy to see me. They asked for pictures and they were all over me. The teacher was like, “they’re so happy to see you. Because back in Pattani, they would always have to run away from bomb and bad things” and I was like “Wow, I just made them really happy.”

It’s like what you do make a difference.

Yeah. It’s so easy. I could just stand and smile and that’s all. It makes them happy. That’s the best thing, I don’t have to try to entertain them or anything. I just have to stand there and smile and be happy. That’s so good, to make someone happy.

It’s a perfect way to make yourself happy and make other people happy.

Yes, to spread positive energy and you know, spread the love.

Choose three songs that best describe IRADA Pre-fall 2018? And out of those three which do you think best describe your identity as well?

REALiTi (Grimes).

This is so hard (laugh). There are so many good songs.

Do you think it’s more pop, rock, jazz, or electronic?

Jazz and electronic. Misty (Stan Getz), that’s my all-time favorite. Actually I started singing by learning jazz, so jazz has always been my background.

So one more, right? Maybe an electronic track. That song from this movie called ‘Berlin Calling’. I think it’s called ‘Train song’, I’m not sure. And Paul Kalkbrenner, that’s the DJ working on it.

It’s okay. I think this is it. Thank you.

Thank you.