Marisa Rungroj

“My name is Marisa Rungroj. I  am  24  years  old.  I  just graduated from Silapakorn University, major in Applied Arts Studies.”

“Currently I am working ont a travel webpage. I travel a lot, but it’s not all about travelling, I focus on lifestyle as well. I don’t emphasize on writing reviews, but I do take a lot of pictures and share them online. I write articles about the travels, do creative stuff, and work on designs as well.”

“I think I started when I first graudated and a friend invited me to go to Iceland. Back then, there weren’t many reviews and Iceland seemed like a far away country. That trip was really long, about half a month. It was a road trip. Once the trip to Iceland ended, I first created a page and uploaded some pictures. When the review about Iceland was completed, more people started following and we continued travelling. India or countries that receive less interest. We try to present different perspectives. After that, we have been travelling every single month.”

“I never had any photography classes. I take pictures based on my own feelings. Sometimes the pictures are blurry, but I know what happened, and I would upload these photos. I believe that it helps tell a story of what happened in that exact minute.”

“The trip to Oman started when friends were inviting at a short notice, I think it was in one day, we were able to gather 9 people. I know this was going to be a trip with a lot of people. Was I excited to go travelling? I was, but the fact that the landscape was mountainous. I felt like it was very similar to Iceland so I wasn’t totally impressed, but I was impressed with the architecture and the patterns of its buildings."

"We all know that Arabic art is very detailed. The textiles had very symmetrical patterns. I took a lot of pictures of those. And I love the fact that the tones were not too bold. I love the feeling it gives, it was a style that I like. It looked clean. I was impressed with the beauty and the nature was very easy to look at. Palm trees and green scenery. Ok, I loved it, it was another trip that I was impressed with.”

“For the country with the best natural scenery, I’ll give it to Iceland. But for the country that I was really impressed with and I loved, it was India. Because India is infamously known to be dangerous and scary, I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to go, and when I went, I loved it. I loved the color tones, the personality of the people, the fact that it came with no expectation. Everyone said, “Don’t go. It’s really scary.” But the people there were really nice and welcoming. Everything was so good that I didn’t want to come back. I was able to portray the story of India really well because I really felt it from within.”

“For preparation, when I pack my bags, I would consider how many days I would be going. I pack my clothes based on the tone and color for each day, whether it’s my scarf, clothes, or shoes. When I saw the colors of India, I thought it really matched with my outfits. When I wore pink, I noticed pink walls in the country, and I thought, “this country has pink elements.” I would take pictures based on the tone and I would write stories based on it. I categorized my colors into four: pink, red, blue, and orange. I portrayed my story based on these colors, and everyone loved it and wanted to take this as inspiration. I saw some people use yellow for Hanoi or something like that. I think it’s great.”

“Dressing up makes travelling much more fun. It gives us a little mission of what color to wear on each day, what we’re going to see. It’s like travelling with a concept, it makes it that much more special.”

Marisa Rungroj