Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Please introduce yourself. What have you been doing?

I have a blog online via Instagram and Facebook. I am about to launch a website called Gandaganda. I also have a studio, which is actually my house. It is called Casa Papa, right by the river. I turned it into a studio for photoshoots and events.

We first knew about you as a beauty editor, what made you change your career to a beauty blogger?

I was a beauty editor for Marie Claire magazine. Back then online media had just started expanding but it didn’t have much effect on magazines. When online media became more popular, it allowed me to use my knowledge and skills to adapt to it. It allowed me to have more freedom in writing. My work online is who I am. There are less constraints allowing me to write and talk more freely.

Looking good does not mean good makeup, it does not mean using brand names. Some people are not beautiful but they dress well and have an interesting poise.

How is it different in terms of working?

In terms of thinking and planning, there are no differences. I had experience working at a magazine company. Every time I brainstorm about content, it comes from the concept, the material, and the writing which link to the mood and tone of the photography and lighting. When I shifted to online, I used the same concept. It allowed work to be done in steps and it made sense. The output was clear and the style was clear. There was no jumping around between ideas.

The main difference is that a big part of my life was gone. Working online forces you to be active all the time. I have to force myself to take breaks but it’s a lot of fun. When I was working for a magazine company, every time there was a photoshoot, there were so many people. We used a lot of money but everything is simpler online. A smaller team is used. The equipment and the technology made it very convenient but I do have my team. Gandaganda is just me working with my husband but we do have associates who work on graphics. We still work as a team but everyone multitasks in a very fun and efficient way.

Is your style as a beauty blogger similar or different to the styles of other beauty bloggers?

I like to present contents about lifestyle, beauty, fashion by combining them together. I’m not the type of person who will take a beauty item and tell you what is good or what is bad about it. I think everyone knows what is good and what is bad. But communicating with me is like sharing what is new and interesting at that moment. It’s an attraction between people who like similar things. Everything is combined: lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.

Does your character and how you dress affect your work?

I think it’s all about being appropriate. If I’m at home and I don’t want to dress up, I’ll wear a t-shirt and a pair of boxer. But if I go to an event, I’ll dress up, get my hair done to honor the event. That’s part of the job. It’s important to know how to carry yourself. I think dressing up well isn’t as important as carrying yourself gracefully and having a great poise.

Looking good does not mean good makeup, it does not mean using brand names. Some people are not beautiful but they dress well and have an interesting poise.

What is your key piece?

Jeans and t-shirt are my personal favorite items because it’s casual and active. But if I go to an event, I would choose a turtleneck or dress with great fitting.

What is your inspiration for your contents?

Things around me. In the past I would buy magazines to check out this and that but now I do the same things but in a different way. I turn to an online channel. I look and find things that I like constantly. I try to find other ways and other aspects that can be incorporated with my work which is something that I used to do alone but now I do it with my husband and our team.

What is beauty in your opinion?

It has to look good. Looking good does not mean good makeup, it does not mean using brand names. But beauty is a balance of things. Some people are not beautiful but they dress well and have an interesting poise. It’s about taking care of yourself and working it to fit your style.

What is your idea of GIRL POWER?

I think it’s a balance, it’s not just about girls not giving in to boys and letting them take advantage but it’s about knowing your worth. You know his flaws and you know your own flaws. It’s about how to not have a negative mind.

Besides beauty, are there any other interests?

I like interior design, dogs and I enjoy cooking but only the dishes that I like, such as southern dishes. I will be launching a website with contents about this and other things besides beauty.

What would you like to say as a representative for woman?

Live life being satisfied with who you are. It sounds cliché. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy, a lesbian, a gay. You have to learn and improve who you are and do things suitable for you.