Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Who are you?

My name is Catarina Gil, I am from Lisbon and currently I’m studying and living in Milan. Two years ago I created a brand of swimwear and at the moment I am preparing everything for the launch of the new collection.

How’s your personality related with your work?

I consider myself an open, relaxed and flexible person, maybe because I grew

surrounded by nature – something so valuable to me! Still I am very curious and I enjoy creating and absorving new content. In my work it is important to be like this regarding new trends, ideas and perspectives in order to keep the concept attractive and also to differentiate from other brands. I try to put in my work as much of myself as I can, but in a non-specific way. I try to create a product that fits all women and as I always transmit I want Cru Swimwear to become an expression of each ones identity.

What’s the most hard thing in your life that you’ve been through?

Well not everything are roses and more or less 3 years ago I experienced some deep

anxiety. I was sure I had a problem and for that I never tried to hide it, I just talked about it in an open way and let others help me, I never chose the easiest way to turn around, but the most difficult, insisting on everything that was a problem until it was no longer a problem proving myself I was capable of doing what I wanted. For example, at some point I was afraid of flying so I traveled alone to Australia and stayed there for 1 month.

What’s the first brand new thing in your life that you have done?

Well there are a lot brand new experiences, but maybe one of the most fulfilling was

surfing, for me it is a great feeling to feel the power of the ocean balanced with your body and being surrounded by such a big dimension.

What’s the thing you’ve done and it changed your life?

Maybe when I gave up on Dentistry and decided to study Business which led me to the path I’m in today – Business Design. Changing my professional and academic path changed me personally obviously, I became more open and creative. And the way I enjoy life and culture is completely different. I grew a lot after this decision and had amazing experiences from it such as living in the Netherlands, creating Cru Swimwear as a personal project and exploring it with no boundaries, probably I wouldn’t also be in Milan right now. From that also other beautiful opportunities came but mainly this.

Being independent is this, seeking for new experiences and ways of growing this inner spirit and create something meaningful out of if.

How’s independent you are?

I am independent. I cannot measure it but I feel independent in a very special way. I am the owner of my time, my thoughts and myself in general. The lifestyle I’ve been taking for the last 3 years while living abroad or not, helped me growing my independent spirit, in a way of creating for example Cru Swimwear, exploring by traveling or even in the smallest things when I’m enjoying my time alone. Everyday I just get more inspired by great professionals and artists, mainly women that have been sharing their beautiful experiences and projects with me and many others. Being independent is this, seeking for new experiences and ways of growing this inner spirit and create something meaningful out of if. It is becoming the most of yourself.

From you, who’s create Cru as a timeless swimwear and lifestyle. Do you think about Independency of people between who are in the trends and who are not?

I think independency is not about following or not trends. For me trend is something defined by the person, there is nothing better than creating your own independent style and adapting new fashion concepts to it, but never missing your own identity. And for that you don’t need to make a big effort.

At Cru Swimwear we do not sell “trends”, our identity is very specific, and I must say beyond trends. We sell a concept mixed with a unique product. It is not the result of an impersonal mass production. All processes are core and special. At Cru we don’t sell a “sensual” concept, but an elegant barefoot lifestyle where the consumer can become her self on our pieces, as we say “the swimwear becomes an expression of yourself”. This non-sensual approach makes it more personal and easy for the customer. We try to adapt to some fashion demands for example when choosing the color palette or the details for the campaign. But we mainly stick loyal to our identity.

From your eyes view, What do you think about IRADA?

IRADA is a consistent brand with a clear and strong identity that brings the image of a woman with attitude, determined and also independent.

How Independency we are?

By the display of the collections, even the color palette, the concept behind each production. There is an independent woman creating something for another one. Also IRADA is such a good platform to share experiences from independent woman and inspire others in a way of building self awareness and confidence.