Chanapa Triratanachat

3 words to describe IRADA?

Raw, Effortless and Crisp

Where do you get inspiration from?

I like to people watch, a lot. Observing their behavior and the lifestyle trend that they are following. It sometimes sparks new ideas and inspirations. Also I enjoy visiting art galleries and book stores. I'm especially fascinated by architecture because if you really think about it fashion is architecture because everything is a matter of proportions.

What are your top 3 must-have fashion items?

– Clean cut high-waisted pants

– Blazer / coat

– Jumpsuit

What differentiates IRADA from other brands?

Irada is not predictable. Once you're predictable you're done in this field because there's nothing customer will look forward to. I stick to the core value of my brand and my identity but I'm very open to the world that's changing.

Who is IRADA girl?

My vision of Irada girl is she who knows exactly what she wants in life and is determined to make it. Most importantly she's never a victim of fashion.

Where do you see IRADA in 5 years?

A brand that has answers to all that women have been looking for not only in fashion but lifestyle as a whole.

What value do you wish to bring to your customers?

I don't want my clothes to take control of who they are but instead enhance their authenticity from within because at the end of the day your uniqueness is your magic.

Any advice to young entrepreneurs just starting up?

Nobody hits the right note from the start but that is totally okay. You need to learn to embrace failure because that's the only thing that'll keep you going. You need to fight for what you truly want. Most importantly, love what you do and everything else will follow.

Chanapa ‘Pun’ Triratanachat, our creative director, founded IRADA in 2011, and it's been quite a journey ever since.

IRADA was among the first online shops in Thailand, which also now have physical stores in Siam Paragon, Emporium, Emquartier and headquarter at Piman 49 with plans to launch internationally in the coming years. We sat down with the 25-year-old to talk fashion and life.