Benny (Rocket)

Hi. My name is Benny and I’m one of the partners here at Rocket Coffeebar. I’ve been living in Thailand for quite some time right now. So, the inspiration behind Rocket, we opened Rocket 4 years ago. But, about 5 years ago, we started planning the concept and back then, there was no place to go out for breakfast besides going to a hotel buffet. Now, of course, there are a lot of places to go for a nice coffee and all that. We wanted to create something a bit more casual for the neighborhood community. Yeah, and that’s what we are. We are a breakfast place that offers good coffee and awesome food.

My favorite way of drinking coffee depends on the day or the time of day. If it’s in the morning, I usually start with piccolo latte or cortado. I like a little milk to take the edge off. But then going towards the afternoon, because I do have multiple cups a day, it’s either just black or pour over Americano or being in the seat, I very often turn to cold brewed because for me, that’s the most refreshing style of coffee, and not filling up with sugar or milk.

The piccolo latte is something that I think has been around for quite some time. I personally started drinking in Australia way back. It’s a shorter pour of espresso more like a ristretto and instead of a full amount of milk that you find in your normal café latte, this one has a small amount. It’s still intense, it’s a big mouthful of coffee but not as diluted with milk.

I would say, if IRADA was a coffee, I would have to say café cortato purely because it is very intense, very bold, and it really lets the true flavors of the beach shine through. So I think to do that, you must have a lot of confidence and that’s what I see with Irada. But it’s still pleasing more for a mainstream market so it’s got that roundness from the milk. So café cortato would be my answer to “what is IRADA if it was a coffee?”

I think that cafes have been part of the fashion culture for a very long time because if you look back to when espresso bars started, that have been seen as a fashion capital for a very long time. I think what’s happening nowadays is that it is more a blend between two things, everybody, if you’re a creative, a fashion designer, if you work in a corporate institution, whatever you might be, coffee is becoming a big part of your everyday life. What I do think is changing though is how we perceive the cafes, because now café is more than just a coffee place, it’s the overall experience, it’s about the design, or it’s about seeing the other kinds of people hanging out at this coffee shop. Coffee shops in general are a meeting place, it is the third home outside your normal home and your work home, so or me it’s a natural meeting point where people from all types of fields or professions meet up and I believe that links into fashion as well.

Rocket Coffeebar will continue to strive and become the place to go for breakfast and coffee but in the near future we are opening up our express version which is going to be in the subway, the MRT. We have three stations that are about to open up by August or September, but where they are, I will let you know soon.

So my personal style, I don’t know how to categorize it, but it’s very casual. I am a more of a t-shirt kind of guy. I like different types of pants, it could be denim and different colors. Shoes are probably something that I like to change up quite often, but otherwise quite casual and minimal. I tend to rock an apron every now and then so keeping it very café style.