Being Mutmee Pimdao

The beginning of Mutmee Pimdao

Since I was young, even before I started singing and performing in musicals, I’ve always enjoyed writing music and participated in every music related activities I can during my time in school and university. I feel like singing is a form of art and it’s become my passion.

What projects do you have right now?

I have so many roles under my belt right now. I’m a soldier at the Royal Thai Army Band Department. I’m an artist and a singer at 5 4 Records, which is my own record company. I’m an author and wrote a book called “Mudjai.” I’m a freelance actress.

How do you allocate time for these different projects?

I feel like allocating time is not difficult for me because when I do things I do it out of passion, I do things that I love. So I focus on one project at a time. Sometimes when you’re working on a project and you start thinking about another one, it messes things up. I usually plan things ahead, focus, and try to do my best in the present.

When did music become an influence to you?

Even before I was born I guess because my mom said that she sang to me all the time when I was still in her tummy. I was born in England so when I was younger my parents took me to see musicals often. One of the first musicals I saw was ‘Star Light Express’ and ‘Lion King’. I think this was the starting point that made me passionate about music and performing.

From your multiple projects such as singing, writing, acting, which project impresses you the most?

I started my career on stage, so I think performing in a musical is the most impressive. It is the most extreme and the hardest because you have to use your body, your voice, your heart, your everything. If you sing, you express the emotion of the song, but in a musical, you do that and also act at the same time. And it’s not the same as acting in a series or a movie, it’s a whole new level of acting where you need to express your energy to the entire audience no matter where they sit. It is also challenging because it is a live performance. I’ve made mistakes in the past but you have to go on. The show must go on. This is the charm of a musical.

What are the differences between the experiences you get from the different projects?

They are all different. Acting in a musical is different from acting in a television series because it uses your body, your heart, and your voice. But acting in a television series is different from acting in a movie. For television series, there are many cameras, you must express your emotions clearly. But for a movie, you need to act very naturally. Right now, I am shooting ‘Sri Ayuthaya’. Everything needs to come from the inside; the energy must come from real feelings. Working for the government is a very different role but I sing with Royal Thai Army Band Department - it’s a way to give happiness to the people.

What is your view of being a woman?

Be original. Be yourself. Be confident about yourself. Be positive. I started working at an early age. I’ve been through a lot, both good and bad. I had to endure, face some disappointments. But as long as you’re being true to yourself and stay positive you will be able to use that positivity to make you feel better no matter what circumstances you are facing.

What is your fashion?

I’m a petite woman, I’m not very tall. I like to wear cool stuff. I like high-waisted pants. Bell-bottoms are my favorite.

What is your view on IRADA?

It is very original. Simple, chic, and cool in its own way. In some ways, there is a hint of sweetness as well. Women that wear IRADA must be confident and cool. They need to be aware of themselves and are confident with what they wear.

Why did you choose this look from IRADA?

I have two personalities; sometimes I am sweet, sometimes I am cool. Most of the time, I wear something cool and sporty. For today’s look, I chose a suit and trousers. I love it. My hair is in a wet look. This is very me. In my sweet side, I wear skirts. I normally don’t see myself in a sweet look like this. IRADA allows me to emphasize my sweet side in a very unique way, a sweetness with character.

What song do you think of when you are wearing this look?

‘My favorite star’ is my song. It’s a song I wrote for my husband. When I listen to this song at work, it makes me feel good and inspired.