Updated: Jan 17, 2018

What did you do to become Lula today?

Stubbornness. Actually it is a career that my family doesn’t support. I also studied design in college, which has nothing to do with music, but I was stubborn anyways. I continued practicing and becoming an artist wasn’t intentional. So I decided to quit school and become an artist. Today I feel like it was a good stubbornness that got me here.

Music genre

I’ve always sang pop music until a period of time when I was very into bossa nova. Bossa nova is a music genre from Brazil but it is popular around the world. I continued singing until one day I met a producer who makes bossa nova music and he asked me to come over and I got to meet the boss.

Another person who supports this kind of music is Ted Yudtana Boon-orm. I made a solo bossa nova album. When I continued working and trying to incorporate different genres, I realize that the only thing that remains is being Lula. Whatever I sing, it is still being Lula. The identity of my voice is also important, because the technique or other talent cannot compare to the identity of the voice given to me by my parents.

I was born with this voice and I believe it is a blessing.

What is the most difficult and the most fun part of making music?

The most difficult part is being in front because I was always in the back thinking, preparing, making music, and finishing up. But in the end I have to be on stage singing because I have to show and be a good role model for other people. I have to keep a certain part to myself but after being a singer for ten years, I am starting to show my true self. I am very tough and not sweet like my voice. But once I am myself I feel like it is less difficult.

The fun part is being in the studio, being in the backstage preparing, recording, and making music. My musician friends who like similar genre of music will gather and chat about music. It is something that makes me very happy.

Inspiration in making music

It comes from everything around us: art, movie, location, book, television show, traveling, and nature. Everything can be an inspiration. Once we went to Japan for ten days and we came back with an idea and made an album.

Besides bossa nova, do you want to try other genre of music?

If I’m not Thai or if I’m American I would like to try country music because it uses different instruments. Similar to the Irish, they have weird drums and instruments. I feel like it is genre that once you listen to it, you feel like you’re home. It is probably similar to when people listen to local folk songs (look-toong) and want to go home in other provinces.

How does music affect your view on daily life?

Music is like art. Every era has music and art to shape society and culture. Music and art can help identify where the culture came from. Therefore, I have a feeling that being an artist carries a responsibility of properly shaping the culture.

It’s like a responsibility of making music in the 2000s and being able to help identify what the 2000s is. It has to be able to tell that Lula songs are made because people are stressed out and need to chill and they need a female singer to sing chilled out songs and console them that tomorrow will be a better day.

Besides being a singer and an artist, what other roles do you view yourself taking?

Being a designer because I like to design, make art, or anything that uses both hands, such as using the computer, sculpting, and drawing. Another role I want to take is being a mother, I want children. I have a lot of things I want to pass on to my children.

Fashion inspiration

Most of the time, I dress based on occasions. Normally I don’t wear glittery stuff because I’m shy, but if the event I’m going to is glittery, I would wear sequins or put on shimmery makeup. If the event has a lot of older guests, I would dress more formally but I feel like fashion is all about the details. We don’t have to wear full on accessories

but the little details on our clothes can tell people about who we are, how we think, how we live life. I try to make people look at me by the details of my clothes.

Three words to describe Lula’s style

Details, occasions, identity

What genre would IRADA be?

IRADA women are cool but they have emotions, feelings, and thoughts which suit England’s electronic music. It has a coolness and an interest in details, it’s almost like just moving a little in a bar and being interesting. It’s not too feminine but it has a hidden sexiness to it.